AJA HD10A-Plus HD Analog auf HD-SDI-Converter - Kampro-Shop
AJA HD10A-Plus HD Analog auf HD-SDI-Converter - Kampro-Shop

AJA HD10A-Plus HD Analog auf HD-SDI-Converter

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AJA HD10A-Plus

Breakthrough price performance
HD10A-Plus builds on AJAs successful HD10A Analog to Digital Mini-Converter with new components that allow the same level of performance and capability users have come to expect from AJA, but at a lower price point. End-to-end 10-bit processing ensures the highest quality conversion and output.

Extensive format support
HD10A-Plus accepts a wide variety of analog input signals from component analog HD cameras and VTRs to computer RGB signals. Breathe new life into older analog equipment by converting the analog outputs to digital for integration into modern workflows.

Easy configuration
HD10A-Plus can be completely configured using external DIP switches for fast and easy configuration in the field, within mobile and AV setups or behind a rack in your facility.

Highly portable
HD10A-Plus's low power consumption and compact size make it perfect for on set use, where it can run off battery power, as well as throughout a facility or AV installation for on-the-spot conversion.

- Low Cost, High Quality, 10-bit HDTV A/D Conversion
- Full Bandwidth Component HD RGB or YPbPr Input
- 3 HD-SDI Outputs
- Multi-Standard
- SD mode support
- Internal or External Sync
- Easy-access DIP switch configuration
- Low power, compact size
- Uses 5-20VDC power (DWP-U-R1 universal power supply included)
- 5-year warranty

Technical Specifications
Formats :
525i/625i, 1080i 50/59.94/60 Hz
1080psf 23.98/24/25 Hz
720p 50/59.94/60 Hz

Inputs :
HD component YPbPr, RGB (SMPTE-274), BNC
SD component (Betacam,EBU-N10)/composite/YC (S-Video), BNC
External Sync, BNC

Outputs :
HD/SD-SDI, SMPTE-259/292/296M 3 x BNC
Frequency Response
Y +0, -.5 dB to 30 MHz
C +/- .25 dB to 15 MHz

User Controls : External Dipswitch

Power : +5-20 VDC, 4 watts

Size : 147 × 79 × 25 mm